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Project publications

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2017). ‘Political activism across the life course’, Contemporary Social Science, 12(1-2), pp.1-12. DOI 10.1080/21582041.2017.1336566

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2017). ‘Talking politics in everyday family lives’, Contemporary Social Science, 12(1-2), pp.68-83.   DOI: 10.1080/21582041.2017.1330965

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2016) ‘(Im)possible conversations? Activism, childhood and everyday life’, Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 4(1), pp. 252-265. (The article is Open Access and you can access it via the link provided above). DOI: 10.5964/jspp.v4i1.536

Nolas, S-M. (2016) [Review] M.S. Pancer (2015)  The Psychology of Citizenship and Civic Engagement, Oxford: Oxford University Press’, Social Psychological Review, 18(1), pp. 18-23. [Review]. ISSN: 2396-9601

Nolas, S-M. (2015). ‘Children’s participation, childhood publics and social change: a review‘ Children & Society, Vol. 29(2), pp.157-167. You can read the pre-publication version of the paper here [Nolas_CS_post-review_FINAL]. DOI: 10.1111/chso.12108

Varvantakis, C. (2015) ‘Like the Palm of my Hand: Children and Public Space in Central Athens’ in Germanos, D, Liapi, M. (eds.) Digital Proceedings of the Symposium with International Participation: Places for Learning Experiences. Think, Make, Change, Athens: Greek National Documentation Centre [Varvantakis_ ‘Like the Palm of my Hand’: Children and Public Space in Central Athens]


Related Publications

Varvantakis, C. (2016) ‘In line: A photo essay on entering a school in Bangalore‘ in Wulf, C.(ed.) Exploring Alterity in a Globalized World. NY: Routledge (Pp: 263-276.) You can read the pre-publication version of the paper here:[Varvantakis-In_Line-PrePub]. ISBN: 9781315303239

Aruldoss, V., Davis, J. M. (2015) Children’s Rights and Early Years Provision in India, in Smith, A. B. (Ed.) Enhancing Children’s Rights: Connecting Research, Policy and Practice, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 9781137386090


Keynotes and public lectures

Nolas, S-M. (2017) ‘Youth development in time: the pasts, presents and futures of an evolving practice’, Keynote, International Conference on Youth DevelopmentSacred Heart College, Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu, India (21st January 2017).

Varvantakis, C. (2016) ‘Everyday Childhoods: Doing Ethnography with Children in the Family’, Europa-Universität Flensburg, Germany (Guest Public Lecture, May 2016).


Conference presentations 

Varvantakis, C. (2017) ‘Children’s maps in ethnographic research: Projections, Reflections, Transgressions.’ Images of Childhood and the Future, 2nd International Conference. Europa-Universität Flensburg, Germany (30th June 2016)

Nolas, S-M. (2017). ‘Reflecting on publics creating methodologies’, Ethics and Early Intervention in Mental Health: Promoting Change through Research, BeGOOD Project, Neuroscience, Ethics & Society, University of Oxford, UK (23rd June 2017).

Varvantakis, C., Nolas, S-M. and Aruldoss, V. (2017) ‘Children’s Cartographic Imagination: Notching Connections with the Urban Public Sphere.’ 7th Nordic Geographer’s Meeting: Geographies of Inequalities, Stockholm, Sweden (17th June 2017).

Nolas, S-M. (2017). ‘Exploring the idioms of childhood publics’, Fragmented Systems? Exploring the role of policy in improving the UK’s record on child participation in relation to sexual abuse, violence and exploitation‘, The International Centre for Researching Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence, and Trafficking, University of Bedfordshire, London, U.K. (26th April). [Recording available via link]

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. and Aruldoss, V. (2017) ‘It takes a lifetime, or two, to save a library: An generational exploration of the dynamics of political engagement’, British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2017Manchester U.K. (6th April 2017).

Nolas, S-M. and Varvantakis, C. (2017) ‘Exploring the antecedents of youth political engagement: Reflections from a European comparative ethnography’, 1st Catch-EyoU Conference: Young People as Active EU Citizens? Challenges and Visions on a Renewed Project for Europe  Athens, Greece  (3rd March 2017).

Aruldoss, V. (2017) ‘The political subject: Politics of children and youth’, International Conference on Youth Development, Sacred Heart College, Tiruvalluvar University, Tamil Nadu, India (21st January 2017).

Varvantakis, C. (2016) ‘Acropolis from a distance: Photography in an ethnographic research with children’, 15th Kythira Photographic Encounters: Conference for the History and Theory of Greek Photography. Kythira, Greece (1st October 2016).

Nolas, S-M. (2016) ‘Childhood publics and the social psychology of younger children’s participation’, BPS Social Psychology Section Annual Conference, 31st Aug-2nd September, Cardiff, UK (September 2016).

Aruldoss, V, Varvantakis, C. & Nolas S-M. (2016) ‘Conceptualising public/private in a cross-cultural research: The messiness of emerging publics in the context of children’s everyday life’, Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth 6th International Conference: The Social, the Biological and the Material Child, 5th-7th July 2016, University of Sheffield (July 2016).

Aruldoss, V., Nolas, S-M. & Varvantakis, C. (2016) ‘Emerging Publics: Politics, the Political and Agency in Children’s Everyday Life’, Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth 6th International Conference: The Social, the Biological and the Material Child, 5th-7th July 2016, University of Sheffield. (Symposium organised by @SU_Connectors, July 2016)

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2016) ‘Conceptualising difference in cross-cultural research on childhood and public life in the context of economic crisis’, 5th Annual Conference Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (Generation and Lifecourse Stream), University of Edinburgh (Part of invited symposium organised by @SussexCIRCY, June 2016).

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2015) ‘Challenging the representations of activism in a digital age: beyond rebel youth’, European Communications Research and Educational Association (Communications and Democracy Conference), Copenhagen Business School (October 2015).

Nolas, S-M. & Thomson, R. (2015) ‘Childhood publics in a digital age: Possibilities and limitations’, Panel Organiser, European Communications Research and Educational Association (Communications and Democracy Conference), Copenhagen Business School (October 2015). (Symposium organised by @SU_Connectors)

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2015) ‘Childhood, political engagement and the politics of age: why do we always focus on the teens?’, Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference (Children, Youth and Families Research Group), University of Exeter (September 2015).

Varvantakis, C. (2015)  ‘Like the Palm of my Hand: Children and Public Space in Central Athens’, Places for Learning Experiences: Think, Make, ChangeAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (January 2015).

Nolas, S-M. (2014) ‘Connectors: from Children’s Participation to Ethics in Childhood’, Crisis and Social Change: Towards Alternative Horizons, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Human, Social, and Political Sciences (September 2014).


Invited seminars

Aruldoss, V. (2017). ‘Tracing Indian girls’ embodied orientation towards public life’, Department of Geography Seminar Series, National University of Singapore (27th October 2017).

Aruldoss, V. (2017). ‘Emotion, childhood and public life’. Centre for Family and Population Research (CFPR) Lunchtime Seminar Series, National University of Singapore (27th October 2017)

Aruldoss, V. (2017) ‘Doing research with children: Some methodological and ethical reflections’, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Central University of Tamil Nadu, India (11h April 2017).

Nolas, S-M. (2017) ‘Exploring the meaning of childhood publics in children’s and family’s everyday lives’, Centre for Applied Childhood, Youth and Family Research, University of Huddersfield, Open Seminar Series, Huddersfield (29th March 2017).

Varvantakis, C. and Nolas, S-M (2017) ‘Reflecting, imagining, representing: Children’s maps in a comparative ethnography’  LivingMaps Seminars: New Directions in Ethnocartography,  London, UK (15th March 2017).

Nolas, S-M. (2017) ‘Exploring children’s encounters with the political at home’, University of Warwick, Centre for Education Studies, Coventry (8th March 2017).

Nolas, S-M. (2017) ‘Exploring the idioms of childhood publics’, Open University, CCIG Seminar Series, Faculty of Social Sciences, Milton Keynes (7th March 2017).

Nolas, S-M. (2017) ‘Childhood publics and the social psychology of participation: learning from younger children’s everyday lives’, Department of Psychology, Keele University, Lunchtime seminar series, Keele, (25th January 2017).

Nolas, S-M. (2016) ‘Childhood publics and everyday politics in childhood: implications for children’s participation in health services’, Kings College & London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Citizen Participation in Health: Critical Perspective Seminar Series, London (7th December 2016).

Nolas, S-M., Aruldoss, V. and Varvantakis, C. (2016) ‘The Connectors Study: Reflections on doing comparative ethnography with children’, Invited seminar at SPMVV Women’s College, Tirupati, India (18th November 2016).

Nolas, S-M. & Varvantakis, C. (2016) ‘The Connectors Study: Reflections on longitudinal qualitative research with children’, Invited talk at Impact Hub Athens, Greece (5th September 2016)

Varvantakis, C. (2016) ‘Kindheit, Bildung, Ethnographie’ (‘Childhood, Education, Ethnography’),  Europa-Universität Flensburg, Germany (Invited workshop, May 2016; workshop report in German)

Nolas, S-M. Aruldoss, V. & Varvantakis, C. (2015) ‘Activism, childhood and the politics of age’, Department of Communication, Hyderabad Central University, Hyderabad, India (Invited Seminar, November 2015).

Nolas, S-M. (2014) ‘Introducing the Connectors Study’, Invited workshop to the First BPS Community Psychology Festival, London (Invited Presentation, November 2014).

Nolas, S-M. (2014) ‘The Connectors Study: Joining up the dots on children’s participation’, CIRCY Seminar Series, University of Sussex, Brighton UK (Invited Seminar, September 2014). [Recording available via link]




Christos Varvantakis and Sevasti-Melissa Nolas  discuss our methodology and our use of mapping in the research, as part of our invited lecture by Livingmaps Network:


Sevasti-Melissa Nolas talks about the Connectors Study London Fieldwork, the role of play and childhood publics:


Sevasti-Melissa Nolas talks about her Children & Society article and the idea of childhood publics:


Vinnarasan Aruldoss talks to our new Research Assistant Robyn Long about Kinship Mapping as Method:



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