Earliest political memory of the day #102

So I was with my mother and father and my brother at those riots against an american Base. They wanted to build one? or was it already there? I’m not sure. The thing is that i was very angry and i wanted to scream against the enemy. The enemy more or less was the tear gas. I was crying because of those, I was crying because i was angry and i hated things. People called us from a window “Hey, come here” and they gave us Vaseline to put over our eyes. I’m not sure if it was Vaseline or if it even worked. But I loved this “we are all together” thing. I actually am also not sure if my mother or father or brother were there. Maybe i was with my aunt? No, they were. The real memory at the end is:

tear gas – Vaseline – People save us.

Any thoughts?

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