Earliest political memory of the day #138

It was the 1979 UK election. I was 8, and my class had a discussion about the election with the teacher. I cant remember it. Inf act, I only know we did because of a subsequent discussion I had with a couple of children at dinner time. We worked out our allegiances through the colour of our ‘Club’ biscuits. Mine was blue, so I was a Conservative. On a different level, my mind woke up to politics when, one family get-together a year or so later, there was a discussion about the best comedy on the telly. Most of my extended family loved Jim Davidson, and were shouting his praises.My Dad, I later learnt, was a Socialist, but he didn’t tend to argue with family. On this occasion, however, something snapped: “I prefer Dave Allen. He always laughs at people in power. The Church and that. Jim Davidson only laughs at the powerless”. Tumbleweeds roll, and I’m hooked.

Any thoughts?

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