Earliest political memory of the day #150

George Andreas Papandreou: Electoral “battle” between G.A.P. and “Kostakis”. We lost. I remember wearing a green T-shirt and green trousers, sadly waving a small flag.[1]

Γ.Α.Π.: Εκλογική κόντρα Γ.Α.Π. με Κωστάκη. Χάσαμε. Φόραγα πράσινη μπλούζα και παντελόνι και κρατούσα τη σημαία του κόμματος θλιμμένος.


[1]   G.A.P.: nickname of George A. Papandreou, former head of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) and former Prime Minister of Greece. “Kostakis”: nickname of Kostas Karamanlis, former head of the right-wing party Nea Dimokratia and former Prime Minister of Greece. The person is referring to green a lot, since green is the colour of PASOK.

Any thoughts?

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