Earliest political memory of the day #155

a) Constantine II of Greece and Anne-Marie’s engagement. I’m standing in the crowd in Syggrou Avenue, waving a small flag. I’m in love. b) The telephone rings really early in the morning, on the eve of April 22nd[1]. Jokingly, my father asks the person who called “Who is with you?”

α) Οι αρραβώνες του Κων/νου και της Άννα-Μαρίας. Εγώ στο κοινό που κούναγε σημαιάκι στην αρχή της Συγγρού. Ερωτευμένος. β) Τηλέφωνο πρωί πρωί (22 Απριλίου). Ο πατέρας μου, αστειευόμενος, προς αυτόν που πήρε τηλέφωνο: «με ποιον είσαι;»


[1]   On April 21st 1967, a group of right-wing army officers led a coup d’ état and seized power, establishing a military junta that lasted seven years. During thiese years, a lot of people were incarcerated, tortured and sent to exile.

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