Earliest political memory of the day #158

In my father’s arms, at the celebrations to honour the Polytechnic’s uprisings. “The peoples party is one, KKE Esoterikou (KKE Interior)[1]

Στους ώμους του μπαμπά μου, γιορτή Πολυτεχνείου. «Ένα είναι το Κόμμα του λαού, ΚΚΕ Εσωτερικού».



[1]   KKE Esoterikou (Communist Party of Greece, Interior): Eurocommunist Party which existed between 1968 and 1987. Originally part of the Communist Party of Greece, KKE Interior became an autonomous party in 1968 as a result of disagreements with the rest of the Communist Party, that mostly had to do with the role of the Soviet Union. Members of KKE Interior later formed Synaspismos, the party that “gave birth” to SYRIZA.

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