Earliest political memory of the day #27

epm-27Here is what I remember from when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old and living in a small village near Annecy in France: my dad shouting at the TV screen while watching the news and I remember him saying things like “This is unbelievable, they twist the news around to make us believe them. I don’t want to watch the news again, there’s no point!” And I also remember him saying the names of the different people. Then, I also remember my parents taking me and my sisters to demonstrations against the government, and them meeting some friends there and talking about stuff that I didn’t really understand. We often had some conversations at the dinner table about political issues like how to express yourself when you disagree with what the political people say. I remember my dad saying that it was important to vote and to get involved in something you believe in, even if it’s something small. These memories have influenced me a lot because to me they are values more than ideas and they have helped me forge my own opinion about things. Although I didn’t understand all of it, it made me realise that people had different opinions about things and that there were different ways to look at things.

Any thoughts?

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