Earliest political memory of the day #26

epm-26I understand ‘political awareness’ in a very broad sense early on…..my father was a very abusive man and there was a lot of domestic violence in my home when I was young. It still fascinates me now how ‘live’ this is as a subject (rightly) within Social Work – when I was a child if the police came (which they did) they called it ‘a domestic’ and were not concerned….even as a very very young child 3 or 4? …I remember experiencing this ‘politically’ as oppression, although of course i did not have the vocabulary for it then. Some of my earliest memories (4?) are around what I would now term ‘social justice’ issues of trying to protect my mother from a man and a system that I understood to be failing her – tho of course i could not understand why…

Any thoughts?

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