Earliest political memory of the day #51

epm-51The announcement of the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was probably my first political memory. I was 6 at the time and I remember that I was at my aunt’s place, watching some TV when the regular TV program was interrupted by extraordinary news announcing the start of the bombing. My mother was very upset because first of all, she is Serbian and the bombing hit her personally. Then, most of her family lived in Yugoslavia (Serbia) at the moment when the bombing started. I remember that she immediately called her mother, my grandmother, to check if everything is okay. Last, Novi Sad, the city where she studied, was the first city to be bombed, which also was a big trauma for her given that she considered that city as the “city of her youth”. I also remember the refugees who fled Kosovo after the bombing started. More concretely, I recall the refugee camp near my hometown, the city of Tetovo (Macedonia).

Any thoughts?

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