making connections: an introduction to multimodal ethnography

Making connections: an introduction to multimodal ethnography

Monday 6 November 10.00-16.00

Candid Arts Trust3 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ




The workshop focuses on the practices of multimodal ethnography and on the analysis of the data generated.


Multimodal ethnography involves gathering and working across spoken, visual, textual and embodied sources of data. The data generated is often large and complex and making connections between data sources can be enhanced through appropriate analytical metaphors.


Drawing on the experiences and learning from a comparative and longitudinal multimodal ethnography with children in three cities (the ERC Connectors Study), the training will focus on practices of creating and analysing multimodal data.


The morning will focus on a range of research methods used in the study including photography, drawing, mapping (of places and relationships), walking, talking, crafting and gathering. The afternoon will be dedicated to thinking through the process of analysis and metaphors that can support the researcher to make connections between different, and sometimes disparate data and levels of analysis.


At the end of the day participants will leave with a confidence to experiment with multimodal data creation and a language to talk about making connections across different data in crafting a multimodal ethnographic story.


The training will take place at the exhibition venue for in-common, an exhibition showcasing children’s photo-stories from the Connectors Study. As such, participants will get an opportunity to engage with some of the study data which will be drawn on throughout the day for illustrative purposes. Alongside using the exhibition as live material for the workshop, there will also be presentations, discussions, and small group work.


The day will be led by Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, Christos Varvantakis and Vinnarasan Aruldoss (all University of Sussex) researchers on the Connectors Study.


No prior knowledge or experience of multimodal ethnography is required and participants will be supplied with a short background reading list a couple of weeks prior to the workshop.



The workshop is free to attend and there are 30 places available. Priority will be given to doctoral students, early career researchers (within 7 years from award of doctorate) and researchers working in practice settings who are not affiliated with an HEI.



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